Dynamic Martial Arts is affiliated with associations both locally in New Zealand and internationally. Our martial arts instructors are aligned with groups that are specific to the arts they teach which give them credibility and oversight.

Our International Affiliation is with the World Kickboxing and Karate Association.

Our National Affiliation is with Kickboxing New Zealand

Kickboxing was started in the 70’s and has fast become the world’s most exciting sport, which instills confidence, self-esteem, fitness, awareness and agility.
Founded in 1976, the World Kickboxing and Karate Association has lead the way for Kickboxing for over 40 years with local, national and international events all over the world.
WKA titles are highly sought after along with the prestigous WKA Black Belt recognised as one of the symbols of high standards and integrity.

The WKA sanctions all styles under the Kickboxing banner from Karate and light contact styles through to Muay Thai and MMA.

Many top names have held WKA titles with many epic battles that will live on in history

During the early seventies the American martial arts world was shaken to its foundations by the demands made on it by a fresh young new generation of practitioners. Fighters started looking for a competitive format in which they could use their skills to the full effect, full power punches and kicks in bouts fought to the knockout. The development of specialised protective equipment speeded up the evolution of this new sport, which became known as kickboxing. Between 1970 and 1973 a handful of kickboxing promotions were staged across the USA. In the early days the rules were never clear, one of the first tournaments had no weight divisions and all the competitors fought off until one was left. A very young Benny Urquidez reached the final. Weighing in at 10 stones Urquidez faced the 14 stones Dana Goodson. Urquidez won the tournament by pinning Goodson to the floor for more than 10 seconds, which was part of the rules.

On a cold October evening Howard Hanson held a small meeting at which he put forward his revolutionary idea about forming a truly global kickboxing organisation. Present at the meeting was Arnold Urquidez (older brother of world famous kickboxer, Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez). A name for the new organisation was agreed. At that time the initials stood for the World Karate Association as full contact karate was still at the forefront. Later the name was changed to World Kickboxing Association. They decided that the symbol of the WKA was to be a black belt tied around a world globe. The WKA was born. Then the hard work started, rules were written and re-written. The WKA was open to everyone. One of the first fighters to take up the challenge and who was later to become one of the WKA’s most famous champions was Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez. In 1977 he fought for the first time under WKA rules against Thai champion, Narong Noi.

From 1977 to 1980 the WKA grew like no other association, the great names in those days were: Benny Urquidez, Kunimasa Nagae, Don Wilson, Blinky Rodrigues, Steve Shepherd, Kinimitsu Okao, Alvin Prouder and even Jean Yves Theriault who competed on earlier WKA promotions. These were fighters that could be seen regularly fighting for the WKA on US and Japanese television. Kickboxing was now developing in to a professional sport with twelve rounds world title fights and a ranking system. The WKA was ready for expansion.

  • The WKA is the largest and oldest of the kickboxing associations and has its name and logo currently protected in over 120 countries world-wide.
  • The WKA is the largest association and authority on Kickboxing and associated disciplines worldwide their activities include Kickboxing, full contact, light contact, semi contact, savate, thai boxing and forms (kata).
  • The WKA hosts the largest and most prestigious combat event each year, The Unified World Championships.

2013 saw Dave Sawyer become the New Zealand President since then WKA in New Zealand has grown throughout the country with teams representing NZ at the World Champs since 2014. Each time we have brought home Gold medals.

Dave Sawyer has since risen to now be the World President of the World Kickboxing & Karate Association


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