What is your


Part of becoming a Fight Girl you will find hidden depths.
You WILL overcome challenges!

Fight Girls


When you think you have given everything,
but YOU ARE a Fight Girl.
Quitting isn’t an Option!

“There is no telling how many miles

you will have to run while chasing a dream.

Persistence and perseverance is the key. I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.”

Be stronger change your life with us


Due to Covid we have moved the Fight Night to July 3rd 2021.

Registration will be open for two more weeks, all fight girls need to be training and fully registered by April 5th.

Fight Girls is a 12-16 week Kickboxing challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone, pushes your limits and completes in a Fight Night Event like you see on the TV.
We are looking for women over 15 years of age, not fight trained, that haven’t previously taken part in any combat sports competitions.

Fight Girls


Training officially starts in March 2021, giving you 14-weeks of preparation; however, you can join up till the 5th of April, so you have at least 12 weeks training.

The Fight Night is on the 3rd of July 2021 at the Sports Cave in Whangaparaoa.

If you decide to go ahead, you will be selected.
This is a journey YOU need to CHOOSE to go on.
Everyone who gets to the end will get a fight.

We have two main coaches, to start with you will train under both on different days, they will be Mike and Casey. They are overseen by Dave Sawyer DMA Head Instructor.
As we closer to the event we will do the match ups and create the two teams… Yellow and Black.

The event will be done under WKA low kick rules, these will be explained as part of your training, there is only punches and kicks allowed. So, no elbows or knees.

This is a contact sport; bruises are to be expected. We have not had any serious injuries during training or the fight event. At the event, we have highly trained medics ringside for your safety.
The only injury we have ever had was someone trying to kick a bag before an induction. So please wait for us to train you properly before you try anything new.

You will be allocated some tickets to sell. These events cost a lot of money to run for you, and we try to make some money for a New Zealand charity.
This years charity will be the Cerebral Palsy Society.

The program will last 12 -14 weeks to ensure you have the right amount of training.

You will be expected to attend at least two 1-hour sessions and a more extended session on a Saturday or Sunday as we get closer to the event.

Our ladies who have gone through Fight Girls have gained so much in so many ways. Each person’s journey is different, and you will find out things about yourself which will change you in many positive ways.

Yes, at the end of the program is the big finale- Fight Night.

3rd of July 2021 at the Sports Cave in Whangaparaoa.

Yes, we charge a discounted rate for the normal trainings as part of the program being run at Dynamic Martial Arts.
For 2021 we are doing the program for $20 per week.

We can provide training gear from the club and for the event fight night, however we do recommend getting your own Gloves and Shin guards for which we have great prices from the main supplier, but please talk to us if your buying elsewhere as we have had people buy the wrong gear. Breast guards are optional. Helmets for the fight night will be provided.

You will need to also supply blood tests before you can fight.

Some of our Fight Girls have been able to get sponsorship for themselves to cover costs. This is allowed, but must be discussed with Fight Girls management before permission is given.

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