Leave your

Comfort Zone

Take control of your life and push yourself to acheive things you never believed you could do.



Time to step where most fear to tread, face your fears and find that inner strength and confidence that will change your life forever.

Fight Girls


Time to take up the Fight Girls challenge, take that step to find a whole new you.
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Fight Girls

What is it?

Fight Girls is a 12-week Kickboxing challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone, pushes your limits and completes in a Fight Night Event like you see on the TV.

Lights, cheering and you stepping you into the ring

We are looking for women over 15 years of age, not fight trained, that haven’t previously taken part in any combat sports competitions.

Are you eligible?

  • We are looking for women
  • Who are older than 15 years old
  • With no ring experience
    Those who have not taken part in a full-contact ring/cage event. And previous Fight Girls wanting their next fight.
  • That can meet the training requirements.
    - Weekday training takes place during the normal weekly sessions. - You will be required to attend Sunday training. All training is taken by Dynamic Martial Arts Coaches and overseen by the head coach. - Later in the program, two teams will be created and coaches allocated. However, unlike the shows on TV, the fighter will be going home and carrying on with normal life as well.


What do I do now!

  • Read the FAQ
  • Fill out the sign-up page
  • Turn up and become a FIGHT GIRL…

Our fees

weekly fee

$ 20
  • unlimited sessions per week
  • qualified instructors
  • experienced fight coaches

Fight Girls Registration Fee

$ 30
  • WKA international license
  • Affiliation to governing body
  • Access to events

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Fight Girls


Yes, this event is a full-contact fight event with the finals at the end of the program.

No. However we are only taking on people who haven’t fought before and participants must have had no competitive experience. We want this to be as fair as possible.

Yes, as long as you haven’t fought before.

Yes, as long as you haven’t fought anywhere else after your Fight Girls fight, we will match you up with another fighter around your level. Once you have completed three fights you can challenge for one of our Fight Girls Title Belts.

Registration will cost $30.

For those entering Fight Girls for the first time, we charge $20 a week for returning Fight Girls it is the normal club rate of $25 a week.

Yes. We suggest getting in as many of the fight related sessions as possible

You must attend at least two-weekday training sessions and compulsory Sunday.

Yes, for eliminations and finals gear will be provided if needed. However we highly recommend you purchase protective gear to train in.
Also there is costs for getting blood tests and doctors checks.

Yes, for eliminations and finals gear will be provided if needed. However, we highly recommend you purchase protective gear for training.

Everyone who registers will get to fight, however depending on the number who register we reserve the right to have an eliminations event, then only those who win their elimination bouts will fight in the main event.

Senior members of Dynamic Martial Arts will be the main fight squad coaches, we will name the team coaches once the program is underway.

You will be competing under the Kickboxing New Zealand “Low Kick” kickboxing corporate rules. We have very experienced referees, whose main priority is your safety.

Yes, ticket sales cover the cost of putting the end of program Fight Night.
We will only have 300 tickets in total for sale and we do allocate to Fight Girls so they can get their fans there.

Sign up

for Fight Girls

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Have you done Fight Girls Before?
Have you fought before?

Do you have any previous Martial Arts or Combat experience?

If Yes to any of the last three questions please give details below

I confirm that I am older than 15 & thereby eligible to compete in Fight Girls NZ