Benefits of Kickboxing for Kids

Kickboxing is an excellent way for kids to learn so much about their surroundings, others and personal interactions. There are many aspects from which your child will gain so much, that it will set their minds to challenge and overcome any obstacles.

1. Fitness and coordination

Keeping kids fit today with all the computer games they play can be a challenge. Kickboxing twice a week gives kids enough exercise to keep them healthy and fit. As they grow training in Kickboxing helps them adjust quickly as they grow, as they have constant training with includes balance and core strength.

2. Bully Proof

A parent’s worse fear is that their child is the victim of bullying, something we never want any child to experience.
The best way to stop this happening is to build the confidence of the child before it happens. A child who knows how to defend themselves is less of a target as they hold themselves differently; they stand tall and walk proud. Bullies go after those perceived as weak or not a threat to them, but they are wary of those who hold themselves well.
Bully Proofing is not about turning a child violent or becoming a bully; it is about giving that child the confidence and self-esteem to stand up for themselves and others.

3. Learn new skills

Kickboxing for kids brings a wide range of skills to them, starting from the fundamentals of body movement, learning to defend themselves and learning to persevere to overcome challenges.

They learn preparation for grading, constant practice to perfect a move and discipline to control themselves.

4. Will kids misuse their skills?

During our kid’s classes, we are continually reminding and questioning them on the five tenets of Kickboxing.

Indomitable Self

5. Can they get a Black Belt

Yes. We are governed by the WKA (World Kickboxing & Karate Association, more info in our “about us” section)

We follow a grading syllabus that takes you through, step by step to an internationally recognized WKA black belt. This belt is a highly respected worldwide, with a history going back to the legends reaching back over 40 years.

Our younger kids use a syllabus that takes them step-by-step to reach their first full belt.

When our juniors reach black belt level, they will grade for a junior 1st Dan WKA belt.



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