Teen Kickboxing



These classes are catered just for our youth, with old school, no BS training.  Lots of fitness, powerful drills that have created champions home and abroad. We have the results, the medals and the belts to prove we can make champions.

The skills acquired in these classes will give young people tools that will benefit them as they grow through this difficult part of their life and give them a great start for adulthood.
This class is about Fitness, Fun and Fighting.

For our 12 – 16 year old teenagers, life can be hard, taking their self-confidence and lowering their self-worth.

Smashing the pads or bags is a great way of getting rid of stress,  angst and anxiety. Exercise is a proven way of clearing out the stress hormones, plus as they improve their fitness and technique, they will see themselves in a positive light, build confidence and start to walk with their heads held high.

Once their confidence grows we have found that our young people find that new inner fortitude, which then drives them to push harder and try to achieve more.

As the training steps up with their new skills, we teach them to fight. Fighting skills are essential for modern youth and young people in this modern world where bullying is rife in society.

Your child will have that confidence that if something were to happen, they have skills that actually work.
Learning to fight also gives your child discipline, self-confidence and something to challenge them as they get experience under their belts and start winning title belts.

“Whenever you enter the ring to fight, you either win or learn. But always get up more than you get put down

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